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今天和Dai san 聊到申請簽證時提到Individual 這個單字,我總是念不好,近一步分析只要是vision/casual/treasual這類單字唸起來就是很不自然




1. azure sky
2. Not usually.
3. supervision of division
4. It’s just a casual occasion.
5. I bought a casual beige suit.
6. Did you ever hear such a thing?
7. Treasure Hunt Game is fun leisure.
8. The whole thing may be an illusion.
9. why would you feel guilty about it?
10. Every meal here has been a pleasure .
11. Could you take me to Moulin Rouge?
12. The current textbooks are version 1.
13. I’ll find you there in fifteen minutes”.
14. What kind of revisions did you make?
15. Could you repeat it a little bit slower?
16. LA casual style starts with the basic tee.
17. Which smart card reader should you buy?
18. Visual images were obtained from Google.
19. Each division is divided into ten sections.
20. How did you plan your outdoorsy excursion?

21. Why would you like to go for a massage now?

22. Watching television is a popular leisure activity.



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